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JacksepticeyexReader :Fall into your hands
JackspeticeyeXReader:  Fall into your hands.
:iconNeonPineapplez: : Asked for a generic-ish x reader fluff with lots of feels, I hope this delivers to your request!
Soft hands touched,
I’ll always think of you as such
As someone who took my heart apart,
Fixed the broken pieces
With your love now craved
Into the shattered parts.

Warm arms wrapped around you, under soft covers and a pillow that bumped up every so often. You could hear the soft thumps of your best friend and lover heart, it had become a comfort from your nightmare, as rare as they were for you, you still got them. Mornings like this, made all that fear leave you, as he nuzzled his face into your hair and a soft smile laced his lips as he breathed. You could feel the scruff of his beard against your forehead; you couldn’t help but giggle softly at the touch.  
The morning light glowed into the room, his hair seemed to shine where it lay out across his pillow. Looking up at his face, you couldn&
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 25 8
MarkiplierxReader: A Day In A Amusement Park.
MarkiplierXReader: A Day In a Amusement Park.
Requested by :iconADickson10193: Hope you like it! And sorry for such a long time for this to get done!
You felt you skin tingled, as your stomach bubbled with many different emotions. As a deep warm laugh echoed in your ears, gripping your pillow tighter you wondered how you had fell for this big fluff ball of joy.  You felt your blood heat up to your cheeks, as a smile etched on your lips. You felt like cheering almost, yet you didn’t want to wake up your neighbours up in the midst of the night.
Rolling to your side, you replayed the day that had happen to you, how the man you had been crushing on, for who knows how long, had finally asked you out. His warm fingers traced over yours, as his deep hazel pools drowned you deeper into his loving gaze. Words poured from his lips, stuttering like a mess, you could remember as clearly as the scene before you played.  How his hair glowed in the light, the bright red almost glaring
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 20 14
Vote in, please. - Poem
If people said time was simple,
I would show them my own blood and say is this simple?
You barren your words copy by others yet,
If you listen to yourself, did you know all?
You cripple those by saying that it wrong,
When people are living more happier lives,
You step on people who want more,
Because you can’t see in the good of change,
Yet you can find destruction on our future.
Please tell me what we own completely?
What is truly still ours?
Because all I can see soon will be a barren land,
People jobless and the sick helpless.
You tell me this government cares,
But all I can see was this death,
All I can see is hatred for the wrong side.
I’m tired watching people bleed because people can’t see,  
They want an idiot because that all they understand
But I want a future.
You leave and then I won’t have a home,
I be a slave to what we guide,
You kill my love ones and break my dreams in one snap,
What’s appoint of my education if you’ve taken my f
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 0 0
Jackadragon by ZeroTheUnknow Jackadragon :iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 17 3
Witch!ReaderxMarkiplier:Something Magical
Witch!ReaderXMarkiplier:  Something Magical
Note *- just facts about things you may not know.
:iconmyrste: reader request, thank you for giving me this cute and brilliant idea :3
Words: 1,179
You, were what society called a Witch, through majority always assumed that witches were evil.  They were what you knew as lies, you were more like a witch in harry potter or *bedknobs and broomsticks. This also meant anyone around you wasn’t allowed to know the truth, if they found out, well let’s just hope it was someone close to you.
Your friend on the other hand, was the average male, who still screamed at video games and drags you out to have some sort of fun of doing something silly on the net.  Through he was hyperactive puppy, sometimes you wished he didn’t barged into your house with glee to hang out. Sometimes, you hoped he be that dorky kid you used to know, then the handsome confident man he had grown up to be.  It made it more difficult to
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 31 25
Finale profile for a couple of years by ZeroTheUnknow Finale profile for a couple of years :iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 1 0
Asagao Academy:NB/ JirardXHana: Growing up/
Asagao Academy: Normal Boots/ JirardxHana: Growing up./
Word count: 1,620.
My life was never one thing. It couldn't be tagged nor labelled, for something so ordinarily special. Most would say that this story be spoken to many times, that if it was lyrics they could sing it. But if all honesty, they wouldn't get the meaning until they find themselves entangled in a similar mess.
Just like a song, this book has it only peculiar pace. Everyone reads it different speeds and yet the feeling would be the same. Strange right?
Then again life is as the same. Maybe I should unravel it. Untangle these suffocating webs around my neck, yet I love the fact of the idea of death has finally came around to take me from this unforgivable life. Like everything else in my life, I'm just words on a page, a book someone can come around to love and then forget. Pick me up, get to know me and once you got your fill you leave just like the ghosts I once knew. Or I thought I knew.
Isn't that scary? To know the
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 1 8
Asagao Academy: NB:/ SatchbagXreader Book Nerds/
Asagao Academy: Normal Boots:/ SatchbagXreader Book Nerds/
You had decided on the Saturday to study and read in the school library to get away from your empty room, your room mate was rarely ever there besides when she sleeps.  As much you liked the silences sometimes it came to over bearing when your left in it too long, so this why you wanted to get out for a bit, with other people around.
Slipping in, you walked around the many tall bookshelves, smiling at some of the crinkle books which had lived so long seemed very much loved for.  You had come to love picking out new books and completing them in the week, being usually on your own you have come to find time to read them very regularly, to give away from the almost non-existing social life, through if this got boring. You’ll pick up your 4DS and play your favourite titles, another get away from the usually quietness in your life.
Book in hand, you started to read the chapter to see if it catch you before even think
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Profile picture 2 by ZeroTheUnknow Profile picture 2 :iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 1 0 Profile Picture 1. by ZeroTheUnknow Profile Picture 1. :iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 0 0
MarkiplierXLowAnxiety!Reader:One step at a time
MarkiplierxLowAnxiety!Reader: One step at a time.
Idea inspiration qoute: “I hate how sensitive I am, I hate that I can’t stand the dark, I hate how I can’t stand a room of people I don’t know. I hate how scared I am of myself.”
Sorry to anyone that has strong anxiety problems, I do not want to offend anyone who does and has anxiety. I merely writing from someone who’s got a little and know people that have it. Through I may not show it very well in this story, so please don’t get mad at me. It merely a low anxiety level, being something that can control you sometimes yet other times you can overpower it.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
For most of your life, you’ve always be anxious of everything. This can be both a good thing and a terrible thing.  The few things that you could list with one hand, the had to be the fact you noticed everything, so you’ll notice peoples habits, know their dislikes and likes through y
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 35 13
MarkiplierXreader: How do you write love?
MarkiplierxReader: How do you write love?

How do you write love?
It’s as complicated as the universe we got,
Through if you could, you’ll write me those stars,
About two lost wandering far above.

You grew up in a small town that many forgot existed, so whenever you mentioned it name people would always ask “Your serious that place even exists.” Yet at the age of ten, you moved around continuously around America because of your parents jobs, you rarely made friends. Through when you did, you always tell them this one thing.
“No matter what, this number I’ve given you will never change, so you get hold of me no matter how many years may pass.”

Maybe they meet or tragically miss each chancing?
Could you try and make it sweet?
yet I know you, you’ll make it sadly enchanting
Your too soft to the bones, maybe that why
I lost you before I knew you

At the age of twenty your mother passed away because of cancer, your father could
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 69 12
JacksepticeyexReader: Dearly Hate Crushing On You
JacksepticeyexReader: Dearly hate crushing on you
You smile cheekily so,
Tease me with a mocking tone,
I dearly hate crushing on you,
Didn’t you know?

You run your hand through you hair as you play skilfully on Gmod, laughing with Mark and the gang. Taking the piss out of each other as you guys hide being stupid objects.
Jack and Wade was on the other side, and you were paired with Mark and Bob.  You were hiding as a lamp in one of the office rooms in the game. You smirked as they run around as headless chickens, as your other teams mates were already dead.
“(Y/N), You could, you know shed some light on your where about.” Mark hinted as he chuckled.
“If I did that, they be seeing how bright I am Marki.” You chimed laughing, your eyes catching Jacks on the skype video.
He smirks, his character in the same room as your lamp.
“Maybe, I like the dark the best.” He says as he shoots you. Making his team win.
“You bloody bastard!&
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 164 57
JacksepticeyeXReader: Shout it
JacksepticeyexReader: Shout it.
“I can totally talk louder then you.” You chimed, as his eyes gleamed over you from his computer screen, where he had just shouted out, showing off his screaming abilities to his fans.
He smirked, “ Oh really (Username)? I doubt you can!”
“Do not underestimate this woman!”  You shouted back, louder as you walked closer. “For I am one hell of a woman!”
And this is how, this yelling competition started.

A couple days, you snuck into his recording room. Being a close friend of his and living nearby, you use the spar key given to you to get in.
“TOP OF MORNING TO YA LADDIES-“ He started his intro like any other time, his recording set up and his fingers wrapped around his controller. Slowly, you got behind his chair and sat there.  He was playing undertale.
Slowly you waited for a bit before screaming out. “I’M THE LOUDEST!”
A scream could be heard and the chair
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 200 50
FranceXIll!Reader: You'll Be Okay
Moments ticked softly on the blue metallic clock that sat on the counter beside your bed. Sun slowly burst through the cracks of your black curtains, remaining you that you hadn’t been out for a long time.   You cursed as you pushed the thick blankets off you, pulling yourself out of the heaviness that plagues you inside your heart.
Your room seemingly feeling emptier then it had been in a very long time. Is this what it’s like to miss someone?
Your fingers clasped the glass of lemonade waiting beside the clock with a couple of tablets, that with one action you drowned.  It felt like forever since you last had to look out for yourself that action itself felt almost foreign to you.
Your fingers gripped your skin tightly as you breathed heavily, trying to stop those stupid tears from falling.  Instead hollow laughter left your tongue bitterly, trying to desperately to ride of them. They were not worth your tears.
Pulling yourself out from the bed and dragging y
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 14 0
PrussiaxReader:The way to have you
PrussiaXReader: The only way to have you back
The soft echoes of the night wind whispered into your ears, as if reminding you of a certain man lips that touch so close as they murmured sweet words into them. He’ll chuckle stupidly before smirking as his arms would wrap around you, warming you against the chilly night.
Oh, if only you had that now.
You sighed sadly, leaning back on the bench. Your eyes looking up at the dangling braches and deep ocean blue sky, swaying of stars reminded that maybe you had to much drink. You laughed croakily, wishing that the booze could’ve been warm like he was, or you used to be.
His eyes spoke to you in many ways when they first glanced at you. Right then you knew,  he was something special. Looks didn’t mean a thing, even though you know that others surrounding him questioned his eyes and hair. Albino.
That wasn’t what enchanted you, No. It was that similarity of knowing of each other. His eyes glowed back at your own
:iconzerotheunknow:ZeroTheUnknow 20 5


GotM Part 5-LokixReader-Her Comes Thor!!
“Where’s this coming from?” You hear Natasha say after your ears stop ringing. You look over at Loki to make sure he was still there, but when you saw him something else concerned you. Steve did, too. Loki looked….scared.
“What’s the matter? Scared of a little lightning?”
“I’m not overly fond of what follows.” Then realization hits you.
You’ve heard stories about him from your dad. Cool lightning powers. Manly voice. Doesn’t follow the rules very well. Ultra heavy hammer. King of Asgard. And those muscles. And that luscious hair. Screw six packs, he probably has a twelve pack.
“Thor,” you whisper right when the God himself smashes through the back of the ‘plane’. Loki tries to escape, but Thor grabs him by his collar and flies both of them out of the ‘plane’.
“Now there’s that guy,” Tony says, obviously pissed off.
“You can say that again,
:iconprincess-rosaline:Princess-Rosaline 23 9
LokixReader-GotM Part 3-Time To Be Snarky
" men like you," said an old man in English, but with a German accent.
"Look to your elder people. Let him be an example." Loki said, aiming his scepter at the old man and shot. Steve blocked it with his shield.
“You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing,” Steve said almost emotionless.
“The soldier. The man out of time,” Loki replied. He hadn’t noticed you yet. Probably a good thing.
“I’m not the one who’s out of time.”
Wind started to wildly blow your hair. A loud noise like a motor was heard right above where you stood. You look up to see a S.H.I.E.L.D aircraft pointing its guns at Loki.
“Loki, drop the weapon and stand down,” you heard Natasha’s voice say over some kind of speaker.
You look down to see Loki suddenly blast Steve with the scepter, knocking him to the ground. In the blink of an eye he came up behind you and wrapped one arm ar
:iconprincess-rosaline:Princess-Rosaline 26 7
Gift's of the Mind-Part 2-We Found Him-LokixReader
Fury ran into the room, probably thinking something was wrong.
“I heard yelling. What’s wrong?” He said in between panting breaths.
“Daddy won't buy me ice cream after he already promised to.” You whine, puppy dog eyes and all.
Fury just sighed and gave you $5. Then he stormed out of the room, obviously mad. He was stopped when another agent spoke.
“We got a hit. 67% match. Wait, crossmatch, 79%.” The man said, still looking at the computer infront of him.
“Where?” You ask. Everyone looks at you, confused in your sudden interest.
“Stuttgart, Germany. 28, Konigstrasse. He’s not exactly hiding.” The man replies.
“He’s not exactly ugly.” You reply, looking at the picture on the screen.
Fury just ignores your statement and turns to Steve. “Captain, your up.” He looked at you and added, “and take _______.”
“What?!” You and Coulson state in unison.
Realizing that ther
:iconprincess-rosaline:Princess-Rosaline 32 15
Loki x Nerdy Reader-Gift's of the Mind-Part 1
It was your birthday and you were waiting for the phone call from your dad, Agent Phillip Coulson. You were sitting in front of the TV, watching re-runs of Sherlock Holmes, when the call came. You smiled as your cell phone started playing Stayin' Alive. That's when you realized you were such a nerd. No matter, you sat there listening to your phone going off for a full minute before answering.
"Son of Coul! I pushed a button of this weird thing and now there's a girl talking!!" said a manly, almost strong voice.
“Thor!! Give me my phone!” You recognized the voice as your fathers. Wait...Thor?
“But who’s the woman?!” said the man you suppose was Thor.
“Well I can’t tell unless you give me my phone!!”
“But will you still tell me who it is?!”
“Probably not!”
“Son of…!”
“Thor, give Agent Coulson his phone back this instant!” said the unforgettable voice of Nick Fury. You suppose Tho
:iconprincess-rosaline:Princess-Rosaline 95 28
We'll be there by Aeolus06 We'll be there :iconaeolus06:Aeolus06 723 153 [We Bare Bears] by a-zebra-was-here [We Bare Bears] :icona-zebra-was-here:a-zebra-was-here 419 10 WBB - Bear Stack by SpainFischer WBB - Bear Stack :iconspainfischer:SpainFischer 1,068 38 7- we bare bears by Sydsir 7- we bare bears :iconsydsir:Sydsir 517 11 We Bare Pokemon by Albels-wish We Bare Pokemon :iconalbels-wish:Albels-wish 645 66 We Bare Bears by N30nP0pt2rt We Bare Bears :iconn30np0pt2rt:N30nP0pt2rt 756 28 We Bare Bears by OysteIce We Bare Bears :iconoysteice:OysteIce 819 66 We Bare Bears by yiawe We Bare Bears :iconyiawe:yiawe 907 29 We Bare Bears by Kowskie We Bare Bears :iconkowskie:Kowskie 1,374 51 We Bare Bears by sharkie19 We Bare Bears :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 4,695 228 Shanedere by Sketchcee Shanedere :iconsketchcee:Sketchcee 36 0 Hidden Block Route by WafflesisaBunny Hidden Block Route :iconwafflesisabunny:WafflesisaBunny 38 2



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[/]You hate the world.
[/]You hate society.
[/]You think vampires are cool. (Only darren-shan ones)
[/]You write poetry.
[/]You have colored your hair black.
[]You wear black/blue eyeliner at times.
[/]You write poetry that's not for school.
[/]You are freakishly obsessed with darkness.
[]You think love is a waste of time.
[/]You've given up on the world.

Total = 8

[]You've shopped at Hot Topic.
[]You've spent over $100 at Hot Topic.
[]You wear more bracelets than a Russian.
[]You own a dog collar, that's not for your dog.
[]You're extremely pale.
[/]You are a member of a poetry site.
[]Your screen name has been an oxymoron.
[/]You are an atheist or agnostic.
[]Your screen name has/had X's in it.

Total = 2

[/]You have been referred to as scary.  
[/]You have been referred to as demented.
[/]You have been referred to as weird.
[/]You have been known to hate teachers.
[/]You have been known to cause trouble.
[]Your hair has been dyed a color that was not natural.
[x]You have at least one photoshopped picture on DeviantART. (Once through along time ago)
[/]You think pictures look better in greyscale or sepia tone.
[/]You are scared of yourself sometimes.

Total = 8

[/]Suicide has crossed your mind.
[x]You have screamed before.
[x]You use big words that no one has ever heard before on occasion.
[x]You've seen The Exorcist.
[x]You liked The Exorcist.
[]You've seen Saw.
[]You liked Saw.
[]You've done voodoo.
[x]You hate sports.
[]You dress up as the most morbid thing possible on Halloween.

Total = 6

[x]Halloween is one of your favorite holidays.
[]You have an obsession with fire.
[x]You don't have a best friend.
[x]You're not afraid of spiders.
[x]You have had a conversation about how you want to die.
[] You've painted your nails black.
[x]One or more of your DeviantART pics had writing on them.

Total = 5

[]You have had the word "death" in your display name.
[x]You love art.  
[/]You like art with negative meanings.

Total =2

Full total= 31

Less than 20 = Not Emo
More than 20 = Emo  
More than 40 = Extremely Emo
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I am a complicated person who can not be describe in words, not do I ever end, I am unknown yet you'll never be able to hear the e'n'd of that one.


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